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A Look at SSN Lookup Services Provided by Social Security Number Search Tools Review is one of the most trusted investigative and detective sites on the web today. They offer three in-depth social security number search tools that range in price from $37-$57 per search. Each tool has its own use and all of the results are guaranteed or your money back. Here's a list of the three types of SSN searches available:

  • SSN Search by Name & Address - This search is restricted to business professionals and individuals with a judgment or proof of reason for request. It is helpful in wage garnishment, locates and tax reporting. This service costs $57 per search.
  • SSN Verification Tool - This allows customers to purchase 150 SSN verification checks for for $37. This is a very good deal for small businesses that need to verify SSN of employees.
  • SSN Trace - This is a hand search performed by a licensed private investigator in order to obtain the most up to date names, aliases, and address information available reported to a Social Security Number. This service costs $37 per trace.

In addition to SSN Search tools, offers all sorts other services including people search, reverse phone and address searches, driving/DMV records, license plate searches, Criminal Records, Background checks and much more.

They specialize in helping both individuals and large national corporations with investigative services. Consumers and businesses like using because the searches are private and discreet, accurate and guaranteed. Unlike other services which only provide you with tools to do your own investigations, does the work for you quickly and effortlessly.

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